Billiard/Snooker Glasses

Over the past 9 years we have been helping improve the vision quality of billiard and snooker players. Whether you are casual pub player right through to a state representative.

As you are well aware when you lean over the table to play a shot using your everyday glasses you will struggle to see when the top of your spectacles come into play. We have customized a rimless pair of glasses fine-tuned your focal length and placed a set of anti-reflective deeper made Aspheric lenses into the rimless frames also raising the optical centres. All these adjustments have made the enthusiastic pool and snooker players all over the country more confident with their game and visual acuity.

$350 complete.

Safety Eye-wear

Hampton Park Optical has teamed up with Rx Safety in Adelaide and put together some frame and lens package deals complete with case and safety certification which meets the current Australian safety standards criteria.
These are as follows;
Medium impact Single Vision package complete $220.00
Medium Impact Bifocals package complete $265.00
Progressive package $340.00
Transition options are available



Yes we also supply Australian made lenses

Look Familiar The I Don’t Need Glasses Look
  1. Single vision lenses hard coated and Anti-Reflective night driving.
  2. Bifocal lenses in 28mm and 35mm and Transitional.
  3. Enhanced readers blended for computer and reading focus.
  4. Free form progressive latest technology in multi-focal lenses, virtually no side vision distortions easy guaranteed adaption.
  5. Driving lenses that change to darker to sunglasses behind the wheel.
  6. Super thin lenses for prescriptions that are stronger than standard.
  7. Safety eye wear to Australian Standards complete with impact compliant certificate.

All these lens types can be customized with additional options to suit patients different needs.

Digital Age = Eye Fatigue

Premium Intuitive Progressives

Amazing transition between all visual zones with digital design easy adaption

Options such as:

Gets darker in the car works while driving
An Adaptive polarized lens that was designed for the driver
An amazing new lens that is virtually clear inside and darkens to a polarized grey lens outdoors
The most advanced transitional lens ever changes colour drastically light to dark.
  • Transition light to dark tinting
  • Anti reflective coating for computers and night driving
  • Drivewear polarised colour change great for long hours in a vehicle

These lens types can be made from thinner materials to hide strong prescriptions.

Advanced progressive technology for the digital era
A quality multi-focal lens will make all the difference
once measured up correctly you wont look back.
Computer office lens designed for amazing wide fields of view reading to arms length
Crizal prevencia blue light shield coating.

All spectacle lens prescriptions come with a 3 month warranty for non adaptation. This warranty entitles the customer to new lenses of a different design or prescription within this 3 month period. This is great piece of mind for the customer.




All major leading brands of contact lenses are dispensed such as Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Coopervision Gelflex and Australian Contact Lenses. Today’s leading technology does allow more and more variety to first time wearers, some who thought contact lenses were not available for their vision or wearers of progressive spectacles thought that contact lenses would not be available for them to try. Well think again the success rates for progressive contact lens wearers has never been so good,we have many successful patients that have been tried tested and happy with vision quality and comfort. Many contact lens manufactures now use a lens made from silicon hydrogel. This material has very high dk which means oxygen is allowed to pass through the surface of the contact lens in turn helps to prevent the cornea from starving of oxygen. This step alone has had great achievement in keeping the front surface of the eye far healthier.

Contact lenses currently available:

  1. Conventional (lenses that will last for 12 to 18mths)
  2. Monthly disposable for progressive wearers
  3. Monthly disposable for astigmatic and spherical wearers
  4. Fortnightly disposable for both spherical and astigmatic wearers
  5. Daily progressive wearers
  6. Daily astigmatic and spherical wearers
  7. Coloured daily and fortnightly wearers

Contact lens tuitions for first time wearers patients that have never had contact lenses before can be taught how to successfully insert and take out there lenses and carefully maintain there contacts. First time wearers will be charged a one off fitting and trial fee which is $120. Some patients the fee will be bulk-billed if there prescription is classified to be over a certain prescription criteria. All wearers will be trialled over a 2-4 week period in which time if successful and happy with the contacts clients are welcome to order them.

Multifocal contact lenses fortnightly and daily wear lenses designed for all day comfort with latest technology materials for premium eye health.

Monthly Progressive contact lenses.
Value for money contacts by Cooper vision.
Super Comfortable Daily Wear Contacts.
Contact Lenses by Coopervision

Hampton Park Optical Centre was established in February 1991 in the Southern Cross Medical centre Hampton Park. We have been servicing the local community with all there eye care needs for many years now. We pride ourselves on great after sale service and quality products at realistic prices.

We have an onsite fitting laboratory, so spectacles are fitted at the practice with quick turn around times not fom overseas.

Onsite Laboratory

Our main goal is to identify, react and satisfy all our clients’ needs, whether it is a bit of helpful information on eye problems or basic repair, to a comprehensive eye exam and a pair of glasses or contact lenses to correct as many areas of patients vision problems. Eyes are complicated, but our optometrists make them easy to understand. They’ll check your eyes, talk you through the process, and recommend the right eye-care for you. They love to talk about eyes too, so feel free to ask them lots of questions