Zeiss Lens Techonology

Spectacle lenses available at Hampton Park Optical.

  1. Single vision lenses hard coated
  2. Bifocal lenses in 28mm and 35mm
  3. Enhanced readers blended for computer and reading focus
  4. Free form progressive latest technology in multifocal lenses, virtually no side vision distortions (Progressive Supurb)
  5. Safety eyewear to Australian Standards complete with impact compliant certificate

All these lens types can be customised with additional options to suit patients different needs.Options such as:

  • Transition light to dark tinting
  • Anti reflective coating for computers and night driving
  • Drivewear polarised colour change great for long hours in a vehicle

These lens types can be made from thinner materials to hide strong prescriptions. All spectacle lens prescriptions come with a 3 month warranty for non adaptation. This warranty entitles the customer to new lenses of a different design or prescription within this 3 month period. This is great piece of mind for the customer.

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